North Korea-Iran relations

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Rocket Failure? Kim Jong Un Still Promoted

And North Korea re-confirms 'military-first' policy

(Newser) - If at first you don't succeed, bomb, bomb again. In the wake of its failed rocket launch , North Korea is doubling down on its "military-first" policy, promoting 20-something Kim Jong Un to first secretary of the powerful National Defense Commission—that officially makes him the country's leader,... More »

North Korea, Iran Swapping Missile Tech: UN Report

Report angers China for claims it helps facilitate illegal transfers

(Newser) - Iran and North Korea have been illegally swapping missile technology, apparently with the help of China, according to a confidential UN report acquired by Reuters yesterday. It found that "p rohibited ballistic missile-related item" are suspected of being transferred via Air Koryo or Iran Air flights; North Korea prefers... More »

2 Stories