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Sports Version of Planking: Tebowing

Football star's prayer pose goes viral

(Newser) - When Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow kneeled and prayed during his team’s victory Sunday, little did he know he was kickstarting the latest viral craze. Tebowing—when you “get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different,”... More »

Latest Weird Web Trend: Stocking

Is it the new owling?

(Newser) - A few months ago, planking —taking pictures of yourself lying down in odd places—was totally in. Then came owling , cone-ing , and Batmanning . Now, all the cool kids (or at least a few of them, at Mashable) are stocking. That means finding a stock photo like the one here... More »

Batmanning: Like Planking, Just Crazier?

Hang upside down by only your feet ... and don't hit your head

(Newser) - OK, so we're getting as worn out as you are with the " owling is the new horsemaning is the new cone-ing is the new planking" stories. We told ourselves we'd stop. Then we were introduced to "Batmanning," and it's kind of awesome, in a... More »

Forget Planking, Owling: 'Horsemaning' Is Here

'Fake beheading' the latest photo trend

(Newser) - Forget planking , cone-ing , and owling : Horsemaning is the new trend when it comes to bizarre photo opportunities. Horsemaning, first made popular in the 1920s, is basically taking a picture where it appears you have been beheaded. The term comes from the "Headless Horseman," reports the International Business Times... More »

New Sit In: Planking

Rowdy ravers lie down in front of riot cops

(Newser) - Bemused riot cops confronting unruly ravers in Los Angeles Wednesday night found that when the crowd was ordered to disperse, they planked. Dozens of people at the near-riot outside a rave movie premiere began lying face down in the street in front of cops, the Los Angeles Times reports. The... More »

Forget Planking, Try Owling

Looks ... fun?

(Newser) - Planking is so over. The bizarre Facebook trend (blamed in the death of a man in May ) of taking a picture while you're lying face down in a weird location has been replaced with "owling." Owling, as the Washington Post explains, is the act of taking... More »

Forget Planking: 'Cone-ing' Goes Viral

This summer, grab your ice cream weirdly

(Newser) - Planking is so last month—all the cool kids are now " cone-ing. " The procedure: Buy a soft-serve ice cream cone and take it from the vendor as awkwardly as possible. You might take the ice cream itself in your hand, stick your face in it, or eat... More »

Facebook 'Planking' Blamed in Death

Aussie man falls to death from balcony posing in weird trend

(Newser) - The odd Facebook trend of "planking" has been blamed for the death of an Aussie who slipped off a seven-story balcony. The accident occurred as the 20-year-old man was apparently on the ledge trying to balance for photo of himself lying "like a plank." It's part... More »

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