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Facebook Bleeds Users in Countries Where It Was First Hot

US, Canada, UK show high numbers leaving Facebook

(Newser) - In what may be early signs that Facebook’s popularity has peaked, the social media giant lost 6 million users in the US last month. Coupled with an 8% drop in Canadian users (more than 1.5 million profiles), and 100,000 each in the UK, Norway, and Russia, Facebook... More »

Facebook 'Planking' Blamed in Death

Aussie man falls to death from balcony posing in weird trend

(Newser) - The odd Facebook trend of "planking" has been blamed for the death of an Aussie who slipped off a seven-story balcony. The accident occurred as the 20-year-old man was apparently on the ledge trying to balance for photo of himself lying "like a plank." It's part... More »

2 Stories