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A 'Terrifying' Eruption, Then a Deadly Crash

8 in rescue helicopter died trying to get to tourists at Indonesia's Sileri Crater

(Newser) - The Sileri Crater, one of Indonesia's most active volcanoes, erupted Sunday, but although there were injuries, no one perished as the mountain spewed its lava, ash, and mud up to 165 feet in the air—until, that is, a rescue helicopter was sent in to help those at the... More »

'Uber for Helicopters' Is Here

Uber, Airbus partnering for new venture

(Newser) - Imagine being able to use Uber to call a copter instead of a car. Airbus is partnering with Uber to make that dream a reality, the Wall Street Journal reports. Airbus will provide helicopters to Uber for use with its "on-demand services" in what the Airbus CEO calls an... More »

Cops Sorry for Blaring X-Rated Helicopter Chat

It was broadcast over large parts of Winnipeg

(Newser) - "Does the Winnipeg chopper realize the entire West End can hear their convo about blow jobs right now?" a woman in the Canadian city tweeted Monday night—and the answer, apparently, was no. Large parts of the city were able to listen in on an explicit conversation between two... More »

'Free' Army Helicopter Costs Newark Small Fortune

Vietnam-era workhorse has cost more than $1M to maintain

(Newser) - Looking a gift chopper in the blades might not be a bad idea, if the experience of the Newark Police Department is anything to go by. The department accepted a 42-year-old Vietnam-era helicopter free from the military in 2005, and a second in 2007 for spare parts, but maintaining and... More »

Helicopter Overloaded With Rescued Iraqis Crashes

Pilot appears to be only fatality; 2 journalists among those injured

(Newser) - An Iraqi helicopter that brought supplies to tens of thousands of Yazidi minorities still trapped on Iraq's Mount Sinjar crashed today because too many refugees clambered on board, an Iraqi military spokesman tells the AP . The pilot is apparently the only fatality. New York Times journalist Alissa Rubin, 56,... More »

Quebec Loses Inmates in Bold Chopper Escape, Again

Quebec jails don't have such a good record against helicopters

(Newser) - Just another Saturday night in Quebec: A trio of inmates managed to break out of their jail in Quebec City, using a green helicopter to make their getaway and fly off into the west. Adding insult to any successful jailbreak is the fact that it's not exactly an original... More »

2 Women Charter Helicopter to 'Climb' Everest

Had it drop them above danger zone; sherpas upset

(Newser) - Climbers are back on Mount Everest for the first time since a deadly avalanche killed 16 less than a month ago, but they're not exactly making the whole trek: In a bid to avoid the Khumbu Icefall where the avalanche occurred, the two climbers—one an American woman hiking... More »

Local News Choppers Are Unnecessary, Reckless

It's time for people to stop dying in them, Matt Zoller Seitz argues

(Newser) - When a Seattle news helicopter crashed near the Space Needle yesterday, killing two people, it made headlines. But by local news standards it was a "mundane tragedy, part of the cost of doing business," writes Matt Zoller Seitz at New York . At least 18 people have been killed... More »

2 Dead in Navy Chopper Crash in Virginia

Another crew member remains missing at sea

(Newser) - A Navy helicopter went down this morning about 18 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach, reports the Virginian-Pilot . The Navy confirms that the chopper, a Sea Dragon, was one of two on a training mission and had to make an emergency landing in the water. Four of the five... More »

Man Leaps to His Death During Helicopter Ride

Gregory McFadden plunged 500 to 750 feet into Pacific Ocean

(Newser) - A Newport Beach fisherman witnessed a terrifying sight yesterday: A 61-year-old man plunging hundreds of feet to his death in the Pacific Ocean. Gregory McFadden booked a helicopter tour of the coast for $310, then, per the FAA, opened the door mid-flight and jumped out. "I saw the door... More »

Boeing Caught Selling Used Parts as 'New' to US

It's one of several times company has stiffed Pentagon

(Newser) - Boeing, the Pentagon's second-biggest contractor, has repeatedly ripped Uncle Sam off, a new report from the military's inspector general has concluded. In its most recent scheme, Boeing charged the federal government for new helicopter parts, and "primarily installed used parts instead," according to the report, which... More »

Japan Wants US Choppers Grounded After Crash

Remains found near crash site

(Newser) - Japan is calling on Washington to stop flying its HH-60 helicopters in the wake of yesterday's crash in Okinawa . "We have asked the US not to fly the same aircraft until they find out the cause of the accident and take preventive steps," says defense minister Itsunori... More »

Helicopter Crashes on US Base in Japan

One crew member injured: report

(Newser) - A US military helicopter crashed today on the Japanese island of Okinawa, and Japan's defense minister says three of those in the chopper ejected themselves to safety while one was injured and hospitalized. No locals were hurt in the crash at US Marine Camp Hansen, though Reuters notes that... More »

Big Problem for Air Ambulances: Huge Patients

Providers have to upgrade helicopters or reject patients

(Newser) - Emergency medical providers across America are being forced to get bigger, stronger helicopters to deal with rising numbers of patients too heavy to be carried in the current helicopters—or too big to fit in the aircraft, NBC reports. Around 1% of patients who need medical air flights, or about... More »

Helicopter Makes Emergency Landing in Hudson

4 passengers, pilot are reportedly safe

(Newser) - A helicopter carrying five people made an emergency landing in the Hudson River just before noon today, reports the New York Post , and all aboard are safe and accounted for. The aircraft was reportedly carrying four tourists—two adults and two teenagers—and a pilot when it splashed down near... More »

No Sign of Into the Wild Fan After Air Search

Another search for Dustin Self planned tomorrow

(Newser) - A rancher searched an Oregon mountain yesterday via helicopter in hopes of tracking down Dustin Self, an Oklahoma teen and Into the Wild enthusiast who vanished a month ago. But Patty Jenkins couldn't find any sign of the 19-year-old or his green tent, the AP reports. With heavy winds... More »

2 Prisoners Make 'James Bond' Helicopter Escape

Canadian police recapture both men

(Newser) - Two men made a daring daylight escape from a Canadian prison yesterday, using ropes dangling from a hijacked helicopter. A helicopter arrived at the prison near Montreal; as it hovered, "two of the inmates came out and appeared to attach themselves to cables that were attached to the helicopter,... More »

Prison Foils Helicopter Escape Attempt

Chopper forced to land after would-be escapee is shot

(Newser) - A helicopter attempted to spring an inmate from a Greek prison yesterday, in what would have been a Hollywood-esque caper worthy of James Bond—if it had worked. At first, the helicopter tried to use a hook at the end of a rope to rip down the prison's chicken-wire... More »

Helicopter Crashes in Central London

2 deaths confirmed after chopper hits crane

(Newser) - At least two people were killed when a helicopter crashed into a crane at the top of a skyscraper in central London during rush hour today. The helicopter "plummeted straight into the ground," a witness tells the BBC . "The building the helicopter hit is shrouded in mist.... More »

Afghan Troops Switch From US Copters to Donkeys

Technological gap yawns wide as US hands off bases

(Newser) - Just how big a void is the US leaving in Afghanistan? Well, let's put it this way: Whereas the US used helicopters to access its remote bases in rocky regions, Afghan forces are now using … donkeys. "Donkeys are the Afghan helicopter," one colonel tells the Washington ... More »

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