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Pakistan Can't Hang Man Who Can't Stand

It's unclear if paraplegic Abdul Basit will face eventual execution

(Newser) - A man was given a last-minute stay of his execution in Pakistan today, not over concerns that the country is running "a conveyor belt of executions"—though that is a real criticism—but because Abdul Basit is unable to stand on the gallows. Basit, 43, acquired tubercular meningitis... More »

Pole Vaulting Accident Leaves Champ a Paraplegic

Kira Grunberg fell on her head and neck during a routine training jump

(Newser) - Pole vaulting can be an extremely dangerous sport , as a March Vice article made clear. How it summed the potential for catastrophe: "At 20 feet, a pole vault accident is like someone falling off the roof of their house, while running as fast at they can with a thick... More »

Paraplegic Vet Surprises Bride, Stands Up for First Dance

Sgt. Joey Johnson built device that let him ditch wheelchair to dance with Michelle

(Newser) - Michelle Johnson is a wedding planner outside of Indianapolis, but she had nothing to do with the biggest surprise at her own June wedding. Sgt. Joey Johnson—an Afghanistan war veteran who lost all feeling below his chest after a 2012 motorcycle accident just four months after he met Michelle—... More »

Paraplegics One Step Closer to Walking Again

FDA OKs ReWalk, which allows users to walk on their own

(Newser) - Walking paraplegics could soon be a common sight in American cities: The FDA has given the green light to the ReWalk system, a robotic exoskeleton that allows paralyzed people to stand up and walk on their own, reports the Los Angeles Times . The device—created by an Israeli inventor paralyzed... More »

We Can Now Do Human Head Transplants: Neuroscientist

Italian scientist says we have the technology

(Newser) - Scientists have been carrying out head transplants on animals since the 1970s, when a monkey's head was moved to another monkey's body; the resulting creature survived, paralyzed, for a few days. But so far, no one has attempted to put a human head on a different human body.... More »

Paraplegic Survives Desert Stranding

He spent 3 days dragging himself 4 miles down NM road

(Newser) - A paraplegic man is recovering after being dumped on a desolate road in the New Mexico desert without his wheelchair. Ricky Gilmore says he spent three days dragging himself four miles down the road after a couple he met while hitchhiking tossed him out of their vehicle when he declined... More »

Paralyzed Rats Taught to Walk Again

New treatment helps brain regain control over limbs

(Newser) - If results from new research involving rats can be replicated in humans, up to a third of America's wheelchairs may end up as scrap metal. Swiss scientists have taught rats with hind-leg paralysis caused by a spinal cord injury to walk and even run in just weeks, using a... More »

Paraplegic Walks With Electrode Treatment

Spinal cord treatment awakens damaged nervous system

(Newser) - A young man paralyzed from the chest down after a car accident 5 years ago has become the first person with his condition ever to stand up. Rob Summers, 25, can stand, move his hips, and even take a few steps thanks to an experimental treatment that involves stimulation of... More »

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