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Gingrich's Ex-Wife Gives 'Explosive' Interview

Ahead of primary, Marianne Gingrich gives reminder of Newt's romantic past

(Newser) - Two days before South Carolina heads to the primary polls, ABC News will air a piece of Newt's past—an interview with his second wife, Marianne. The interview could remind the state's many religious conservatives of Gingrich's rocky romantic history, the AP notes. Gingrich, Marianne has said,... More »

Gingrich Had Second $1M Tab at Tiffany's

Family's bling appetite up to $1.5M

(Newser) - A half-million-dollar line of credit apparently wasn't large enough to satisfy the Gingrich family's bling appetite. It turns out Newt and wife Callista had a second line of credit at Tiffany's worth close to $1 million, a spokesman has revealed. The second million-dollar tab was revealed yesterday... More »

Newt's Tiffany Credit Sparks Influence Concerns

No-interest credit extended as Callista Gingrich dealt with mining policy

(Newser) - At first, self-professed "frugal" Newt Gingrich's Tiffany bill of up to $500,000 just made him look ridiculously out of step with cash-strapped Americans. But now, the financial arrangement with the jewelry behemoth is raising questions about influence, notes Gawker . Gingrich and his wife enjoyed a special interest-free... More »

3 Stories