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Sarah Palin: This Bus Tour Is 'Not About Me'

It's about our charters of liberty, she tells Greta Van Susteren

(Newser) - Greta Van Susteren, who gets to go along for the ride on Sarah Palin’s bus tour, sat down with the potential 2012 presidential contender last night . Highlights:
  • The bus tour was Todd’s idea: “He texted me … and said, You know, we need to remind America about
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Sarah Palin's New Arizona Neighbors Offer Advice

Mind the snakes, Scottsdale residents tell Alaskan moving from tundra to desert

(Newser) - Sarah Palin will like life in Scottsdale, Arizona, just fine ... so long as she can cope with the sun and steer clear of snakes and scorpions, say the Alaskan's new neighbors. Palin—whose purchase of a house in the desert community is being taken as a sign that she... More »

2 Stories