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Iran's Media Raises $600K for Renewed Rushdie Fatwa

'It will never lose its power,' Iran official says of death edict

(Newser) - Since 1989, Salman Rushdie has had to live a mostly underground life after Iran's then-supreme leader called for his assassination over the novel The Satanic Verses. Now that fatwa, which is occasionally paraded out by the country's religious leaders, has been reupped yet again, and this time 40... More »

New Faces Revealed in Lincoln Death Painting

One-of-a-kind work by Carl Bersch is being restored

(Newser) - The sole "eyewitness painting" of Abraham Lincoln's murder is finally being restored—a process that's revealing haunted faces and the figure of a dying president, the Smithsonian reports. Painted by German immigrant Carl Bersch, who happened to be sketching a Union victory parade that night, "Lincoln... More »

150 Years After Lincoln's Death, His Tomb Takes Modern Hits

16th president's final resting place faces criticism, budget cuts

(Newser) - Caretakers of Abraham Lincoln's tomb, faced with budget cuts and a National Geographic critique that slammed the site as having "all the historical character of an office lobby," are a little on the defensive, even as they commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War president's... More »

Lock of Lincoln's Hair Sells for $25K

Boastful letter from assassin fetches $30K

(Newser) - A lock of hair taken from Abraham Lincoln's head by Surgeon General Joseph K. Barnes soon after the president had been assassinated sold for $25,000 at a Texas auction—$5,000 less than a buyer paid for a letter from assassin John Wilkes Booth. The sale of a... More »

Hey, Seth Rogen: Assassination Isn't Funny

If US is a 'moral force,' it shouldn't laugh at The Interview : David Rogers

(Newser) - In four days, The Interview pulled in $15 million, Sony Pictures says in a press release. That's in the period through Saturday, during which, Sony says, the film was rented or bought two million times online, reports. But its success so far isn't something to be... More »

5 Guilty in Russian Journo's 2006 Murder

Anna Politkovskaya's work angered the Kremlin

(Newser) - Five men have been found guilty in the 2006 slaying of 48-year-old Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya , whose investigative reporting criticized President Vladimir Putin, the war in Chechnya, and Chechen leadership. Three of the men are brothers from Chechnya, one of whom has been found guilty of the shooting itself, which... More »

Man Who Planned to Kill His Way to Obama Gets Death

James McVay killed elderly SD woman, stole her car

(Newser) - A man who murdered an elderly South Dakota woman in what he described as the first step in a plot to kill and steal his way to Washington and assassinate President Obama has been sentenced to death. After walking away from a minimum-security prison unit, James McVay drank alcohol and... More »

Snowden: US Wants to Kill Me

But he's not losing sleep over it, he says

(Newser) - Edward Snowden believes top American government officials want him dead—but he still sleeps well at night because he knows he did the right thing. In an interview with a German broadcaster, the NSA leaker said he was aware of "significant threats" to his life, Reuters reports. "These... More »

Alleged Political Assassins' Trial Starts Without Them

Hague takes up long-awaited case of Rafik Hariri's murder

(Newser) - The Hague's Special Tribunal on Lebanon today began the trial of four people accused of assassinating Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, in what the BBC is calling an "unprecedented tribunal"—in part because the accused aren't there. It's the first time the Hague has tried... More »

Libya Sees First High-Profile Assassination in Years

Deputy Cabinet minister killed while driving home from shopping

(Newser) - Since Moammar Gadhafi was ousted more than two years ago, assassinations have taken the lives of low-level government employees, activists, clerics, and security officials—but, as of two days ago, no top government officials. That ended Saturday, when Libyan Deputy Minister of Industry Hassan Drouai was shot numerous times as... More »

Top Hezbollah Commander Assassinated

Hassan al-Laqis shot outside his home in Beirut

(Newser) - Gunmen assassinated a senior Hezbollah commander outside his home today in southern Beirut, a major breach of the Shiite militant group's security as it struggles to maintain multiple fronts while it fights alongside President Bashar al-Assad's forces in Syria. The overnight shooting of Hassan al-Laqis, described as a... More »

Inside One Man's Attempt to Crowdfund Assassination

'Kuwabatake Sanjuro' thinks bitcoin site can wipe out all governments

(Newser) - Ben Bernanke has an almost $75,000 price on his head, placed there by anonymous malcontents online. He's the biggest—but far from the only—target on Assassination Market, a "dark web" site that lets users nominate targets and contribute money to the cause using theoretically untraceable bitcoins.... More »

Iran Cyber Chief Dead: Assassination or Not?

Revolutionary Guard denies reports of targeted killing

(Newser) - This much is clear: The head of Iran's "cyber war" computer defenses is dead. But how it happened is still a mystery. The Telegraph reports that Mojtaba Ahmadi was found shot to death in the woods, and it quotes a local police official as saying two men on... More »

Prosecutor in Benazir Bhutto Murder Slain

Chaudhry Zulfiqar shot on way to court

(Newser) - The prosecutor working the case of Benazir Bhutto's assassination has been shot and killed in Pakistan. Chaudhry Zulfiqar was attacked en route to a hearing in the death of the former leader—a case that remains without a conviction. Motorcycle-riding gunmen opened fire on the car carrying Zulfiqar, who... More »

New Videos Released of MLK Killer James Earl Ray

Shelby County office in Tennessee makes them public

(Newser) - History buffs, take note. The Shelby County Register's office in Tennessee has released several restored videos of James Earl Ray after his arrest for the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. No bombshells are in the mix, but one shows Ray being read his rights aboard a plane back... More »

Now US Trying to Kill Candidate, Claims Venezuela

'Nonsense,' says former Bush official cited in Maduro's allegation

(Newser) - American right-wingers are conspiring to take action in Venezuela and kill ... its pro-business opposition leader Henrique Capriles? That's the theory being pushed by acting president Nicolas Maduro, reports Reuters . "We have detected plans by the far right, linked to the groups of (former Bush administration officials) Roger Noriega... More »

Final Survivor of Plot to Kill Hitler Dead at 90

Von Kleist was part of plan brought to big screen in 'Valkyrie'

(Newser) - A former German army lieutenant has died 69 years after he volunteered to wear a suicide vest to kill Adolf Hitler. The first plot involving Ewald-Heinrich von Kleist failed to come to pass but months later he played a key role in a plot to kill Hitler and was the... More »

As Tunisia Simmers, PM Moves to Dissolve Govt.

Leading party's headquarters set on fire amid protests

(Newser) - As Tunisia grapples with protests following the killing of an opposition leader , the prime minister has moved to dissolve the Islamist government, calling for new elections, Reuters reports. Technocrats would run the government in the meantime, says PM Hamadi Jebali—who will keep his job—citing a "failure of... More »

First Assassination Since Arab Spring Rattles Tunisia

Opposition leader Chokri Belaid shot outside home

(Newser) - A Tunisian opposition leader was shot and killed outside his home today, in the nation's first assassination since the Arab Spring. Chokri Belaid, among the leaders of the leftist Popular Front coalition, was outspoken against the Ennahda party, which leads the country as part of a three-party coalition, the... More »

Obama's Memo on Killing US Citizens Is a Disgrace

Glenn Greenwald: No free society should sanction this

(Newser) - The Obama administration's rationale for when it's OK to kill US citizens is fundamentally un-American, writes Glenn Greenwald at the Guardian . For example, the Justice Department memo says the US is justified in going after terrorists—based on the assertions of US officials supposedly in the know about... More »

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