Jefferson Memorial

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Creeping Slime Coating Hallowed Monuments

'Biofilm' can't be stopped, blamed for damaging Jefferson Memorial

(Newser) - It sounds like the stuff of horror films: a creeping black slime that can't be killed. But experts say a real-life microbial invasion is coating some of the nation's most important monuments in black. The National Park Service earlier this month reported the "biofilm" has befouled the... More »

Jefferson Would've Joined, not Busted, Dancers

'Father of American dance' hailed

(Newser) - Fiddle-playing, freedom-loving Founding Father Thomas Jefferson would not have been happy with the heavy-handed arrest of dancers at the Jefferson Memorial , writes Sarah Kaufman. It's absurd to ban dancing in Jefferson's name because not only was the third president fond of dancing himself, America owes its dance heritage... More »

Cops Slam, Choke Dancers at Jefferson Memorial

Park police do a number on demonstrating dancers

(Newser) - An investigation has been launched after DC park cops were filmed roughing up Jefferson Memorial ... dancers. Some 5 people slowly danced among amused spectators over the weekend to protest a court decision banning dancing at the memorial. When police asked dancers to identify their leader, one pointed to the statue... More »

3 Stories