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Manhattanhenge Takes NYC Again Tonight

Get out your cameras, New Yorkers

(Newser) - Can't make it to Stonehenge? Well, if you can get to New York City by tonight, you can catch Manhattanhenge instead. Tonight is the last night of the twice-annual event, in which the sun perfectly aligns with the Manhattan skyscrapers so you can watch it set along the east-west... More »

'Phonehenge' Creator Guilty of Outlaw Building

Alan Kimble Fahey could get years in prison for wacky structure

(Newser) - The druids of Stonehenge never had to worry about construction permits. But now the creator of a modern-day Phonehenge West has been found guilty of violating California building codes and could face years in prison. Alan Kimble Fahey has been found guilty—so far—of nine misdemeanor violations, and the... More »

NYC Awestruck by 'Manhattan-henge'

Setting sun sets east-west streets aglow twice a year

(Newser) - Centuries from now historians will speculate about the ruins of a once-great city whose buildings lined up perfectly for a semi-annual celestial occurrence. But for now, New Yorkers merely stand, agog for once, awestruck by "Manhattan-henge." It's the twice-annual happening when skyscrapers are lined up just right... More »

3 Stories