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Hezbollah Included in Lebanon Unity Government

Militant group gets one cabinet slot among 16 for opposition in move to calm strife

(Newser) - Lebanon’s political factions finally formed a unity government today, Reuters reports, with militant group Hezbollah included in the coalition formed after weeks of wrangling. With Hezbollah and its allies effectively holding veto power, it appears Syria—long allied with the militants—will regain some of the dominance it long... More »

Hezbollah Pulling Gunmen From Beirut

Political group wins concessions from neutral Lebanese army

(Newser) - Hezbollah began withdrawing gunmen today from Beirut after winning concessions from the Lebanese army to overturn the government measures that sparked days of fierce fighting. The army, a neutral player in the ongoing struggle between the insurgent political group and the Western-backed government, said it would reinstate Beirut airport’s... More »

Hezbollah Chief: Beirut 'War Has Started'

Open violence rattles streets a second day

(Newser) - What began as a strike yesterday is now “open war” in Lebanon, according to Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah, CNN reports. Open violence continued for a second day today, with loyalists and opposition fighters clashing after the US-backed government tried to muscle through measures against Hezbollah on Monday, including a... More »

Lebanon PM Tries to Ease Fears of Unrest

He takes control as nation begins stretch without president

(Newser) - Lebanon's PM called for calm today and said his cabinet would run the nation while it remains without a president, Reuters reports. Fouad Siniora also pledged to push for quick elections. The developments come a day after President Emile Lahoud's term ended without a successor in place. Siniora rejected Lahoud's... More »

Lebanon Under Emergency Rule

At end of term, Lahoud orders controversial military takeover

(Newser) - Lebanon teetered on the brink of chaos tonight as its president declared a state of emergency just hours before his term expired and transferred power to the military. The outgoing Emile Lahoud refused to give power to his rival, PM Fouad Siniora, who immediately rejected the legality of Lahoud's move,... More »

Lebanese Rout Militants in Camp

Months of fighting leaves refugee camp in ruins

(Newser) - Jubilant Lebanese celebrated with soldiers yesterday after they finally wrested control of a besieged Palestinian refugee camp from an al-Qaeda ally, Fatah al-Islam. Lebanese special forces attacked strongholds that remained inside the ruins of the Nahr al-Bared camp near Tripoli after nearly three months of fighting, reports the London Times. More »

UN Will Try Accused Assassins of Ex-Lebanese PM

Divided Security Council OKs tribunal

(Newser) - A UN tribunal will try suspects in the 2005 assassination of the ex-PM of Lebanon, raising fears of worsening unrest in the unstable country. Five members abstained from yesterday's Security Council vote, signaling a serious rift. And Syria, which has been implicated in the suicide truck-bomb attack that killed Rafik... More »

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