Shi Lang

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China Cops to Not-So-Secret Aircraft Carrier

Says it's almost ready to launch

(Newser) - Chinese military officers say their new aircraft carrier is ready to launch, finally admitting the existence of what may be the world’s worst kept military secret. China originally purchased the rusting Soviet-era ship, then dubbed the Varyag, in 1998, saying it would be a floating casino, the Guardian explains.... More »

Why the US Isn't Sweating China's Lame Aircraft Carrier

The Shi Lang might just be a hunk of junk

(Newser) - China is finally ready to debut its first aircraft carrier, the Shi Lang. But the world shouldn’t exactly be shivering its timbers in fear of this display of military might, writes David Axe of Wired , dubbing the ship “a piece of junk.” The ship’s Ukranian-built engines... More »

2 Stories