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Edwards' Trial Pushed Back

Judge to consider defense's move to dismiss

(Newser) - It looks like John Edwards' lawyers have, if nothing else, bought themselves some time. A federal judge yesterday pushed the trial, which had been scheduled to start next month, back to January, the AP reports. The delay will give Edwards' team the time it says it needs to review some... More »

Edwards Moves to Dismiss Case

Lawyers argue case is 'about politics,' not the law

(Newser) - The case against John Edwards is political, not criminal, and should be dismissed, lawyers for the onetime presidential candidate said yesterday in a hefty court filing. “While much can be said in questioning how Mr. Edwards conducted himself throughout this saga, the allegations… that he violated campaign finance laws... More »

Bunny Mellon Speaks of 'Great Friend' John Edwards

Reclusive donor is at heart of campaign finance indictment

(Newser) - Why did millionaire philanthropist Rachel "Bunny" Mellon give John Edwards $725,000 : to save his presidential campaign or to hide his extramarital affair from his wife? That question, at the heart of Edwards' indictment on charges of campaign finance violations, has thrust the reclusive Mellon into the spotlight. But... More »

FEC: Edwards Owes $2M From 2008 Campaign

Audit concludes he got too much in federal matching funds

(Newser) - The bad headlines just keep coming for John Edwards: The Federal Election Commission says his 2008 presidential campaign should repay the US Treasury $2.3 million, mostly because it got federal matching funds it was not entitled to receive. Federal auditors said the campaign understated its cash on hand and... More »

In Spite of It All, Cate Edwards Stands by Her Dad

Insiders say she's the glue that holds Edwards clan together

(Newser) - Those who have followed the John Edwards saga were probably surprised to see daughter Cate by his side as he entered a North Carolina federal courthouse last week to plead not guilty. But—despite the fact that dear old dad cheated on Cate’s cancer-stricken mother and then kept his... More »

Edwards May Be Nailed by Own Emails

Sources say candidate acknowledged payments to pregnant mistress

(Newser) - Prosecutors possess evidence from John Edwards' own emails that help prove a key part of the case against him and make his decision to opt for a trial instead of a plea bargain look even riskier, sources tell AP . In the emails, Edwards and his former speechwriter, Wendy Button, discuss... More »

Edwards Scorned Plea Because of Prison

Rolls dice on jury trial once again

(Newser) - The near-certainty of six months behind bars led John Edwards to scotch a plea bargain and take his very significant chances on a jury, reports the News & Observer in a look at the last-minute wrangling that took place behind the scenes. Prosecutors put on the table a deal in... More »

John Edwards: 'I Did Not Break the Law'

He pleads not guilty to charges

(Newser) - John Edwards says his behavior was stupid but not illegal. He pleaded not guilty today to charges that donors illegally funneled nearly $1 million to mistress Rielle Hunter and campaign aide Andrew Young to cover up an affair and keep his 2008 campaign alive. Edwards did not have to post... More »

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