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Lights Out for Playboy Club

Mr. LeAnn Rimes is out of a job ... and the oh-so-sexy Brian Williams swoops in

(Newser) - Who do you find sexier: Playboy bunnies or Brian Williams? If you went with the former you're out of luck, because NBC's 10pm EDT Monday time slot is about to be filled by the latter. The Playboy Club has officially become the first cancellation of the fall season.... More »

Frisco Panel Demands NBC Yank Playboy Club

There they go again

(Newser) - God love the frisky San Franciscans. After banning Happy Meals for kids , and very nearly making circumcision and pet sales illegal , the City by the Bay is poised to demand that NBC yank the upcoming TV series The Playboy Club. A resolution already passed by the city's Commission on... More »

20 Years Later, Playboy Club to Reopen in Chicago

Could open just blocks from where original opened 51 years ago

(Newser) - The Playboy Club is experiencing a resurgence—not just on TV , but in Chicago, just blocks from where the original club opened more than half a century ago. Playboy has signed a licensing deal for a new Chicago club, possibly to be opened in a mansion on the Near North... More »

9 Playboy Bunnies Who Went on to Do Big Things

Like become models, actresses, federal judges...

(Newser) - In honor of the new Playboy Club that opened in London this weekend, Time lists nine former Playboy bunnies who moved on to other successful ventures:
  • Deborah Harry: As a brunette, she worked at the New York City Playboy Club from 1968 to 1973. She went on to become the
... More »

4 Stories