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iPhone Slowdown Will Soon Be Optional

But Tim Cook doesn't recommend you disable it

(Newser) - Apple has somewhat good news for users of older, slower iPhones who don't want to go out and buy a new battery. Tim Cook tells ABC News that a new iOS update—expected in early February, per the Verge —will allow iPhone users to disable Apple's deliberate... More »

Weird iOS Glitch Forces Awkward Typos

There are 3 ways to fix it, for now

(Newser) - "I" is one of the most common words in the English language. But for some iPhone users, it's impossible to type. According to MacRumors , a bug in Apple's iOS 11 has messed with the predictive text function on some iPhones. The result is that when users type... More »

Apple Eyes Voicemail-Killer

Siri to translate voicemails to text in iOS 10: report

(Newser) - Leaving a voicemail is a convenient way to convey a lot of information quickly. Listening to voicemails is, well, a pain—but Apple is hoping to change that. For several weeks, Apple employees have been testing an iPhone feature that uses Siri to transcribe voicemail messages, Business Insider reports. It... More »

Apple's Big Announcement: What Is—and Isn't—Coming

Expect 2 new iPhones at today's event

(Newser) - Apple's "special event" is today at 1pm Eastern, so tech blogs are, of course, overflowing with predictions. What can you expect? Here's what 9to5mac and the Verge have to say:
  • iPhone 5S: That's what most people are calling the new iPhone that is sure to debut.
... More »

Words Your iPhone Won't Spell-Check: Abortion, Rape

But it will suggest 'abiogenesis': Daily Beast

(Newser) - Got the latest version of iOS on your phone? Don't expect spell-check to help you out when you type "abortiom." After using an iOS 6 simulator, the Daily Beast found iPhones do not offer spelling suggestions for a range of fairly common but controversial words, even when... More »

Sorry Apple, Looking Cool Won't Save You

Cook & Co. fail to impress at Worldwide Developer's Conference

(Newser) - Tech pundits aren't exactly swooning over Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference presentation, in which it showed off an iOS revamp , a new streaming music service , and a cylindrical computer . Here's what the nay people are saying:
  • Apple really needed a new iOS, and "thanks to these
... More »

Get Ready for Online Radio From Apple

Plus: New iOS likely unveiled this week

(Newser) - After a decade of iTunes, Apple looks poised to delve into another form of online music distribution: Internet radio. The service, likely to be unveiled today as the company's annual developers conference begins, could shepherd new consumers into the online-radio world, experts tell the New York Times . As it... More »

Cook: New Apple Game-Changers Are on Deck

He hints at a move into wearable electronics

(Newser) - Apple hasn't been having such a great year but CEO Tim Cook says the company will continue to come up with new innovations—in the field of consumer electronics, not tax-dodging . Speaking at the All Things Digital conference, Cook says Apple will release "several more game-changers" and signaled... More »

Apple's iOS 7 Overhaul Likely Sleek—and Late

New design guru giving software a makeover

(Newser) - Apple's next mobile operating system, iOS 7, is supposed to be in the sweaty palms of Mac fanboys as early as September. But—at least within the company—deadlines are being pushed back as the company's new design visionary, Jonathan Ive (who recently made the Time 100 list),... More »

Apple Dumps Map-App Exec

Scott Forstall gets the boot after software 'blunder'

(Newser) - Apple dropped two of its top executives today in the wake of embarrassing software mistakes and criticism over cuts in retail staffing, Reuters reports. Software chief Scott Forstall—once considered a future replacement for Tim Cook—will depart next year and remain as an adviser to Cook until then. Forstall... More »

iOS 6: Goodbye, Google Maps

Apple's new mapping app suffers glitches: experts

(Newser) - The latest iPhone operating system is missing a key feature: Embedded Google maps. Instead, phones using iOS 6 will be treated to Apple's own mapping system, and that's a very mixed bag, analysts tell the New York Times of the software update released yesterday. Sure, it looks nice;... More »

Apple Unveils New Macbook Pro, iOS 6

Tweaks include Siri upgrades, Facebook integration, map upgrades

(Newser) - Expectations were high going into Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco today, and the company didn't disappoint, rolling out a dramatic refresh of its MacBook Pro, and a new version of iOS brimming with new features. Here are the most important details: The New Macbook Pro
  • It'
... More »

Apps Can Snatch iPhone Photos, Too

Apple loophole makes photos vulnerable

(Newser) - It's not only contacts that can be snatched from your cellphone by apps—photos, too, can be yanked, thanks to an Apple loophole. Once a user allows an application on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to have access to location information—to launch a mapping function, for example—... More »

Gmail Immediately Pulls Buggy iPhone App

Users complain it's 'unusable'

(Newser) - Google finally released its long-awaited stand-alone Gmail client for iPhones, iPads, and iPods today—only to immediately pull it down after a flood of complaints over bugs. “The iOS app we launched today contained a bug with notifications. We have pulled the app to fix the problem,” Gmail’... More »

Google+ App Now on iPhone

Adds pop-up notifications, photo uploads

(Newser) - Google+ has arrived as a free app for your iPhone. Its user interface is similar to Facebook’s, writes Josh Lowensohn at CNET , and it improves upon the mobile-browser version. It provides a way to upload photos from your phone, but it lacks video chat, and “the Circles organizing... More »

Apple's iOS Harbors Security Flaw, Germany Warns

Opening infected PDFs could install malware

(Newser) - IPads, iPhones, and iPods are all vulnerable to “critical weaknesses” that could “allow possible attackers to gain administrator rights and get access to the entire system,” Germany’s IT security agency warned today. Clicking on an infected PDF could allow attackers to install malware without your knowledge,... More »

Android Activations Trounce Apple's

Google's system sees 500K activations daily

(Newser) - In its battle with Google, Apple’s hearing echoes of the 1990s: Android activations are blowing iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch activations out of the water. Some 500,000 Android phones and tables get activated daily across the world, says Google’s boss for the platform—and that figure is... More »

Steve Jobs Unveils iCloud, New iOS

Apple also unveils new version of Mac OS

(Newser) - Steve Jobs took a break from his medical leave to show off some major new Apple software today, including its hotly anticipated new cloud computing service. The service, predictably dubbed “iCloud,” lets users keep all manner of data online, including books, apps, and music, syncing it all across... More »

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