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'Suicidal Robot' Apparently Had Enough of DC Life

Nice knowing you, Steve

(Newser) - If you ever find yourself being chased by a mob of angry robots, find a set of stairs or, even better, a fountain. Less than a week after it was dispatched to an office building in Washington, DC, a Knightscope K5 security robot by the name of "Steve" tumbled... More »

Cops Bust Woman for Swiping $2.87 From Fountain

Deidre Romine is jobless, says money doesn't belong to anyone

(Newser) - A western Ohio woman charged with petty theft for allegedly stealing $2.87 from a courthouse fountain says she is jobless and took the change to buy food. WBNS-TV in Columbus reports that the woman pleaded not guilty yesterday. A police report alleges she stole the change Oct. 7 from... More »

Rome's Storied Trevi Fountain Crumbling

Budget cuts endangering city's ancient heritage

(Newser) - If Rome's famous Trevi fountain could chuck a coin into itself and make a wish, it would probably ask for some TLC. The 280-year-old monument's stucco reliefs are crumbling and a gargoyle's head came tumbling down on the weekend, reports the Guardian . Officials blame the damage on... More »

Town's Pricey New Fountain Being Used as Bathroom

New London city officials struggle to keep public from peeing in it

(Newser) - The people of New London, Connecticut, have been letting city officials know exactly what they think of their very, very expensive whale tail fountain … and it’s not pretty. The city was forced to shut off water flowing out of the public fountain—an 8,000-pound bronze sculpture built... More »

4 Stories