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'Gay Girl in Damascus' Actually Man in Turkey

Tom MacMaster admits he is blogger 'Amina Arraf'

(Newser) - The blogger behind “Gay Girl in Damascus” is not Amina Arraf, supposedly kidnapped last week in Syria , but a man who lives in Turkey. After the kidnapping story unraveled and led many to speculate the whole thing was a hoax , Tom MacMaster came forward today with a post on... More »

Syria Nabs American Blogger

'Gay Girl in Damascus' writer taken on the street, blog says

(Newser) - Outspoken Syrian-American blogger Amina Arraf was grabbed on the street yesterday, someone claiming to be her cousin wrote on her blog. Araff wrote a blog entitled A Gay Girl in Damascus , which had spoken out in favor of the protest movement, according to MSNBC . A post yesterday from a woman... More »

2 Stories