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Prestigious College Faked SAT Scores to Boost Rank

Claremont McKenna College administrator inflated scores

(Newser) - Claremont McKenna College is currently ranked by US News and World Report as the nation's ninth-best liberal arts college—but, the college admitted yesterday, that ranking is based on falsified SAT scores. The small California school says that since 2005, "a senior administrator" who has since resigned submitted... More »

SAT Reading Scores Hit Lowest Ever

One reason: more students taking the test

(Newser) - One of the three Rs just found a new basement: SAT reading scores fell three points to reach their lowest level on record, the AP reports. The decline took the scores to 497 out of 800, and it was just the second time in the past 20 years that reading... More »

Chinese Students Go Extreme for College Entry Test

Kids and parents stop at nothing to ensure passing score

(Newser) - Suddenly, the SATs seem like a leisurely way to spend a Saturday. Chinese students and their families have turned preparation for the country's college entrance exam into a national obsession. Some students study hooked up to oxygen tanks in an effort to improve concentration, girls take birth control to... More »

3 Stories