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Now Lesbian Blog Editor Comes Out as a Man

Lez Get Real editor unmasked after 'Gay Girl' scandal

(Newser) - "Paula Brooks," the outspoken editor of lesbian news site Lez Get Real, has revealed that he is actually a 58-year-old straight man. Questions about Brooks' identity began to surface over the weekend because of the site's links to blogger "Gay Girl in Damascus," who turned... More »

'Gay Girl in Damascus' Actually Man in Turkey

Tom MacMaster admits he is blogger 'Amina Arraf'

(Newser) - The blogger behind “Gay Girl in Damascus” is not Amina Arraf, supposedly kidnapped last week in Syria , but a man who lives in Turkey. After the kidnapping story unraveled and led many to speculate the whole thing was a hoax , Tom MacMaster came forward today with a post on... More »

Kidnapped Blogger in Syria May Be a Hoax

Photos are fake, and nobody seems to have met Amina Arraf

(Newser) - The world grew alarmed yesterday at the fate of Amina Arraf , an American-born blogger said to have been kidnapped on the streets of Syria. Today, it appears Amina Arraf may not actually exist. NPR has been digging into the story and can't find even one person who has met... More »

Syria Nabs American Blogger

'Gay Girl in Damascus' writer taken on the street, blog says

(Newser) - Outspoken Syrian-American blogger Amina Arraf was grabbed on the street yesterday, someone claiming to be her cousin wrote on her blog. Araff wrote a blog entitled A Gay Girl in Damascus , which had spoken out in favor of the protest movement, according to MSNBC . A post yesterday from a woman... More »

4 Stories