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Guy Robbed Woman, Then Friended Her: Cops

Criminals with distinctive tattoos might consider restraint on social media

(Newser) - Ah, Facebook, that repository for high school friends, college friends, friends of friends, people you wish you'd never met ... and the dude who robbed you the other day? Police in Washington state say that a woman was sitting at a ferry terminal with headphones on when a guy knocked... More »

Facebook 'Power Users' Help Everybody Else

A minority makes the experience more rewarding for the majority: Study

(Newser) - This might help explain why Facebook is closing in on 900 million users: Most people "receive more from their Facebook friends than they give," concludes a new Pew study . Among the findings from the one-month analysis:
  • 40% of users made a friend request in the one-month period, but
... More »

More Facebook Friends Linked to Bigger Brains

Or at least more gray matter in certain areas

(Newser) - People with tons of Facebook friends can not only boast about their social networking skills but about the increased gray matter in their brains. A buzzy new study from Britain concludes that people with loads of network friends tend to have more pronounced regions of the brain related to social... More »

Everyone Who Unfriended You Hidden Again

Timeline made it easy to see who'd cut you off

(Newser) - If you haven’t done it yet, looks like you’ve missed your window to find out who has unfriended you on Facebook . Last week, a list of friends available in the Timeline profile pages made it clear who had removed you as a friend; they were the ones in... More »

How to See Who Unfriended You on Facebook

BuzzFeed explains how Timelines makes it a breeze

(Newser) - Tech pundits are still debating how big Facebook's new Timeline features will be—blogger Dan Lyons is in the it's-overhyped camp—but BuzzFeed has stumbled onto one indisputable fact: Timeline makes it really easy to see who has unfriended you over the years. Click here for the four-step... More »

Facebook Friends Tattoo Is an Advertising Hoax

They're just wash-away images to advertise Dutch shop

(Newser) - Gotcha! The so-cool sleeve tattoo of a young woman's 156 Facebook friends that made the digiverse swoon turns out to be a hoax . Rotterdam tattoo artist Dex Moelker has come clean to a Dutch newspaper, 'fessing up that the tattoo and the now-viral YouTube video about it is... More »

6 Stories