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Google Maps Returns to iPhone

And yes, new app includes turn-by-turn

(Newser) - The wait is over, iPhone users. Google has at last released a stand-alone Maps app for iOS, available as a free App Store download. In a blog post announcing the release, Google boasts that it has redesigned the app "from the ground up … It's a sharper looking,... More »

iPhone Battery Fix Doesn't Seem to Be Working

Lots of users still complaining after iOS 5 update

(Newser) - The early reviews are in, and Apple's software update to fix the fast-draining battery of the iPhone 4S isn't working for everyone, reports Gizmodo . Sample complaint in the Apple Support forums: "New update is not help at all. I opened Safari and lost 2% just by opening... More »

Apple Releases iOS 5 Battery Fix

Software update designed to correct weak battery life in iPhone 4S

(Newser) - The battery troubles of the iPhone 4S may be over. After acknowledging that “a small number of users” were having issues with their batteries when using iOS 5, Apple has produced a new version of the operating system, iOS 5.0.1, aimed at fixing the bug. The source... More »

Apple Promises Fix for iPhone 4S Batteries

Software glitch affects some, but a patch is coming

(Newser) - Apple today acknowledged that some iPhone 4S users are getting lousy battery life but promised that a fix is on the way, reports AllThingsD . The glitch appears to be with the iOS 5 software, not the phone itself. Apple's statement: “A small number of customers have reported lower... More »

Apple Stole My Idea: Student

Apple rep told me engineers were 'impressed' with idea: Greg Hughes

(Newser) - A British university student is accusing Apple of stealing a syncing app that he presented to the official Apple app store more than a year ago. Earlier this week, Apple unveiled new features for its upcoming iOS 5, including a function to wirelessly sync iPhones and iTunes that has the... More »

5 Stories