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Why Is It OK to Mock Mormons, But Not Muslims?

Bret Stephens is outraged by liberals' outrage over Innocence of Muslims

(Newser) - Just last year, Hillary Clinton attended a performance of the Book of Mormon in New York, and said not one peep in protest. But now she and the Obama administration are bending over backward to denounce Innocence of Muslims, which Clinton herself deemed "disgusting and reprehensible." "So... More »

Park Romney: Mormonism Is a Fraud

Mitt's cousin, former high priest, has left their religion

(Newser) - Not all Romneys are as enamored of Mormonism as Mitt. Take Park Romney, Mitt's cousin. He used to be a Mormon high priest, but finally left the religion. "I became convinced that it's a fraud," he tells the BBC . He doubts many aspects of the religion,... More »

Warren Jeffs' Panting 'Sex Tape' Played for Jurors

Cult leader utters 12-year-old 'bride's' name in heavy-breathing audio

(Newser) - A panting "sex tape" of polygamist Warren Jeffs allegedly raping his 12-year-old "spiritual bride" while uttering her name was played for a Utah jury yesterday before prosecutors rested their bigamy and sex assault case against the cult leader. As the tape ends, Jeffs proclaims: "In the name... More »

3 Stories