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Alps Murder Victim Had Saddam Hussein's Money

Saad Al-Hilli held part of the secret stash: German police

(Newser) - The British engineer killed in the French Alps may have been murdered for holding some of Saddam Hussein's private fortune, the Telegraph reports. German secret police have given French authorities evidence to that effect to help in their investigation of Iraqi-born Saad Al-Hilli, who was killed on September 5... More »

Cleric Opposes Rebaathification

Sistani rejects law aimed at quelling Sunni insurgency

(Newser) - A bill allowing Saddam's party members back into power in Iraq has been rejected by that country's most powerful cleric. The law, aggressively  pushed by the U.S.,  would  allow former low-level Baathists--most of them Sunnis--to hold positions in government. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, the powerful Shiite cleric, dismissed... More »

Bill Would Put Ba'athists Back in Power

Aim is to woo Sunnis into Shiite-dominated government

(Newser) - Ba'athists will be allowed back in government posts if a bill proposed yesterday, aimed at  reconciling dissident Sunnis with the Shiite-dominated government, passes the Iraqi parliament.  The U.S has been pushing for the law to law to woo the former Saddam loyalists —mostly Sunnis— into the political... More »

3 Stories