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Villagers Thought 'Angel' Fell From Sky. It Was a Sex Toy

'They have no Internet,' a police chief explains

(Newser) - A sex toy found by a fisherman in a small Indonesian village was taken home, dressed up, and worshipped as an angel for weeks, the BBC reports, proving yet again that the world is a strange and wonderful place. According to the San Francisco Chronicle , the 21-year-old fisherman found the... More »

Teen Faces Terror Charges for Blowup Doll Prank

He could get eight years in prison

(Newser) - An Indiana high school senior is facing up to eight years in prison for the egregious felony of… bringing a blowup doll to school. Tyell Morton planted the doll in the girl’s bathroom as a senior prank, but administrators didn’t think it was funny. All they saw on... More »

2 Stories