Vancouver riots

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Video Shows Cops Shoving Kissing Couple

Proves Vancouver riot moment wasn't staged

(Newser) - It certainly wasn’t staged: New video has emerged showing the moments leading up to the now-legendary kiss at the Vancouver riots—and it’s clear that police knocked the couple down, hovered briefly over them, and moved on. The video shows a distraught Alexandra Thomas being comforted by Scott... More »

Vancouver Kissers Seek Endorsements

And perhaps some standup comedy gigs

(Newser) - Lesson learned from the Vancouver riots: It pays to make out in the middle of the street. At least that’s the case for Scott Jones and Alexandra Thomas, the couple who made their name by doing so. (Jones says he gave Thomas a kiss to comfort her after she... More »

Kissing Couple Explain 'Beautiful' Embrace

Scott Jones was comforting Alex Thomas after she fell

(Newser) - Vancouver's famous kissing couple has come forward to explain their famous embrace amid the riots . Australia's Scott Jones and Canadian girlfriend Alex Thomas tell CBC they got caught up in a crowd running from advancing police when Thomas fell. "Tripped up? I'm not sure," she... More »

Kissing Couple Identified From Vancouver Riots

Australian Scott Jones was comforting girlfriend Alexandra Thomas

(Newser) - That didn't take long: The couple kissing in what is fast becoming an iconic photo from the Vancouver riots has been identified as Scott Jones, a 29-year-old Australia native, and his Canadian girlfriend, Alexandra Thomas. Jones' father explains to the Toronto Star what happened: “She had actually been... More »

Vancouver Cops Turn to Facebook to ID Rioters

'Let's label these losers,' Facebook group asks

(Newser) - Vancouver police trying to track down the people who trashed their city have a powerful tool on their side that wasn't around during the 1994 Stanley Cup riot. A Facebook group set up within minutes of the trouble beginning encourages people to help police by posting their pictures of... More »

What's With That Riot Kiss?

Time stood still for couple in apparent lovers' embrace amid chaos

(Newser) - The earth moved for two apparent Vancouver lovers, but it wasn't because of the riots. Though the city went completely bonkers when the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup, the two were captured in a photo locked in "The Kiss" that has captivated the public. Bizarrely, the pair's... More »

6 Stories