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Air India Fliers Stuck on Plane for 8 Hours

Waiting to be cleared to fly from London to ... London

(Newser) - Stunned Air India passengers found themselves trapped for eight hours on a fogbound plane sitting on the tarmac in London's Gatwick Airport. The real kicker? The flight's final destination was London's Heathrow Airport, just minutes away. As fury mounted, police were called to keep the peace, reports... More »

'Occupiers' Arrested Across US; Rome Tallies Damage

Police handcuff 175 in Chicago for not clearing public plaza

(Newser) - Police arrested hundreds of "Occupy Wall Street" protesters today who endured chilly nights outdoors in Chicago, New York, Denver, and Arizona, the New York Daily News reports. As the Chicago Tribune has it, officers rounded up about 175 demonstrators who refused to clear Congress Plaza after 1am. The arrests... More »

New Radiation Pill Slams Cancer Cells

Patients have 30% lower death rate

(Newser) - Doctors in London have stopped a cancer drug trial because it was so successful, the Telegraph reports. They said it would have been "unethical" to give any of the 922 participants a placebo for their prostate cancer. The drug in the trial targets tumors with alpha radiation, which the... More »

Israeli Orchestra Broadcast Halted by London Protesters

Pro-Palestinian disruptions stop BBC radio program

(Newser) - Politics and a concert did not make beautiful music yesterday in London. A noisy pro-Palestinian protest against the Israeli Philharmonic at Albert Hall prevented a BBC radio broadcast of the music, part of Britain's celebrated Proms music festival. The persistent protesters were organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, whose... More »

London Rioters Helped Hurt Student—Then Robbed Him

1,700 arrested, 600 charged in unrest

(Newser) - In a video that’s prompted outrage across Britain, including stern words from David Cameron, a 20-year-old student is pictured on the ground after his jaw was broken in a knifepoint attack. Rioters help him up in what appears to be a good Samaritan act—until they proceed to unzip... More »

Cameron: We'll Take Gang-Fighting Tips From Boston

Cameron: We will not allow culture of fear on our streets

(Newser) - Pull out the water cannons: It's time to get serious in England's "fight back" operation against rioters and looters, declared Prime Minister David Cameron yesterday. He said "every action" would be taken to restore order in towns hit by violence, including the use of water cannons... More »

Riots, Looting Rattle London a Second Night

Latest violence planned via Facebook, Twitter

(Newser) - Bricks were hurled at police, cars torched, and shops looted as rioting spread to new communities in a second night of street violence in London. Clashes erupted in Enfield, Walthamstow, and Waltham Forest in north London, and Brixton in the south of the city following a riot over the weekend... More »

London Rioters Burn, Loot Through Night

Protest over police shooting turned violent

(Newser) - Riots rocked London last night and into this morning leaving eight police officers injured as crowds threw rocks, burned buildings and cars, and looted area shops over a police shooting Thursday, reports the BBC . The violence followed peaceful protests around 5pm, when 300 people gathered at a Tottenham police station... More »

In Slumdog Director's Olympic Opener, No Athletes?

Coaches fear participation will detract from Olympians' success

(Newser) - The director of Slumdog Millionaire wants to feature athletes in the 2012 Olympics' opening ceremony, which he happens to be directing—but their coaches aren’t so keen on the idea. British track and field coaches have barred their athletes from participating over fears that doing so could tire them... More »

British Homes Now Cheaper Than Ritzy London Parking

There's a disconnect betwee London and the rest of the country

(Newser) - Much like the US, Britain is seeing home prices plummet—well, except in London, that is. There, prices are soaring, thanks largely to foreign buyers. How bad is it? So bad that the average price of a home in the country as a whole has now fallen to around $260,... More »

Court: School's Ban on Cornrows Discriminatory

Judge: Ban was 'unlawful, indirect racial discrimination'

(Newser) - Britain's High Court has ruled that a high school's ban on cornrows led to racial discrimination and must be changed. St. Gregory's Catholic Science College in London requires male pupils to wear a short "traditional schoolboy haircut" as part of efforts to banish gang-related symbols. A... More »

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