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Let's Stop Saying, 'Don't Drink the Kool-Aid'

Considering 900 people died, it's more than a little offensive: Meghan Daum

(Newser) - Judging by how often it gets thrown around these days, "Don't drink the Kool-Aid" seems to have become a "staple of self-righteous public discourse," writes Meghan Daum in the Los Angeles Times . It's a trendy way to ridicule people who blindly follow a particular ideology.... More »

The Latest Culinary Horror: Fried Kool-Aid

Because whatever is bad for us in liquid form is better in fried form

(Newser) - Maybe we've all been drinking the Kool-Aid too much, so it could be time to just plain deep fry it. That's the latest culinary monstrosity to grace San Diego's county fair, a longtime scene of gastric debauchery, writes Melissa Bell for the Washington Post. Seems "Chicken”... More »

2 Stories