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Mike Tyson Plays Herman Cain in Parody Ad

As part of 'Live Funny or Die' a campaign series

(Newser) - Is Mike Tyson actually turning into a comedian? First there was his roast appearance and now this: He’s been cast as Herman Cain in Funny or Die’s new election season parody series “ Live Funny or Die. " The series launched last week with a video featuring most... More »

GOP's Obama Impersonator Stunned by Backlash

Audience loved his performance, says Reggie Brown

(Newser) - The comedian hired to impersonate President Obama at the Republican Leadership Conference says he's surprised by the stinging backlash to his over-the-top performance . “I don’t think I crossed any sort of lines," with his racially tinged jokes, Reggie Brown tells the Washington Post , claiming he would... More »

2 Stories