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Trump Promised to Send the Feds Into Chicago. He Just Did

President tweets 'crime and killings' have reached 'epidemic proportions'

(Newser) - Because of "crime and killings" now at "epidemic proportions," President Trump has sent the feds into Chicago, he tweeted Friday morning. His announcement aligns with previous tweets in which he called the city's murder rate "record setting" and the situation "totally out of control,... More »

Feds Raid California Medical Pot University

...armed with sledge hammer, power saws

(Newser) - A small army of feds yesterday raided California's only "medical marijuana university" in Oakland. Two of a mob of protesters who descended on the school—many of them smoking dope—were busted by cops as federal agents swarmed Oaksterdam , a college dedicated to training people how to grow... More »

Even Mendocino Crumbling to Feds on Pot

County shutting down innovative sheriff-supervised grower program

(Newser) - The US county with one of the highest concentrations of pot farms—and tokers—is finally caving in to pressure from the feds. California officials in Mendocino County are snuffing out an innovative medical marijuana program that put pot growers under the supervision of the county sheriff. The program was... More »

Banks Duped Credit Unions Into Deadly Bonds: Feds

JP Morgan, Royal Bank knew investments were risky: suits

(Newser) - In one of the most aggressive such actions to date, the feds are suing two financial institutions for talking credit unions into bad-risk bonds that ended up destroying the companies. JP Morgan Chase and the Royal Bank of Scotland talked five credit unions into investing in $3 billion in mortgage... More »

4 Stories