Minot, North Dakota

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17 Lose Authority to Launch Nukes

Air Force sidelines unprecedented number of officers

(Newser) - The AP today has a fascinating exclusive about ineptitude among the 91st Missile Wing at Minot Air Force Base. While the skills of some Air Force officers at a North Dakota base may not seem like something that would have major implications at first blush, know this: These officers have... More »

Crazy Commute: Wisconsin Workers to Staff ND Store

Menard will fly 50 employees from Eau Claire to Minot weekly

(Newser) - And you thought your commute was bad: Home improvement retailer Menard plans to fly 50 workers weekly from its headquarters in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, to a store in the booming town of Minot, North Dakota. A nearby oil patch has swelled the town's population to nearly 50,000 (up... More »

Water Ebbs in North Dakota

But Souris River flooded 4,000 homes

(Newser) - The Souris River began a slow retreat from Minot today with no further flood damage in the city, but officials warned danger would remain for several days until the highest water passed. More than 4,000 homes and hundreds of businesses flooded when the Souris flowed over levees Friday, but... More »

In Flooded Minot, Human Kindness Is Unsinkable

Evacuees pitch in to help neighbors

(Newser) - As the Souris River was set to peak today, North Dakotans weren't exactly wallowing in the misery of the worst flooding in memory—rather, they were rolling up their sleeves and doing whatever they could to help their neighbors. Evacuees helped others evacuate, others moved friends' belongings to safety,... More »

Rain Threatens as ND Flooding Nears Crest

Minot braces; river expected to peak this evening

(Newser) - With a threat of still more rain looming, Minot was bracing today for the Souris River to cascade past its already unprecedented level and widen a path of destruction that had severely damaged thousands of homes and threatened many others. City officials were expecting the river to peak as early... More »

North Dakota Braces for 'Catastrophic' Flood

A quarter of Minot's population has left, and more may follow

(Newser) - Minot, North Dakota, has a population of 41,000, and about 10,000 of them already have cleared out for higher ground as the Souris River rises. The water has begun creeping into neighborhoods, and more mandatory evacuations may follow, reports ABC News . The city also is home to Minuteman... More »

Flood Forces North Dakota City to Evacuate—Again

River levels expected to rise to all-time high, threatening Minot residents

(Newser) - Officials have ordered 11,000 Minot, North Dakota, residents to flee their homes by 6pm today, in what will be their second evacuation this month. The Souris River is expected to spill over the city's protective levees soon, in its worst flood in four decades, the AP reports. Officials... More »

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