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NRA Arms Hansel and Gretel in Firearm Fairy Tale

Gun-control advocates call the series 'disgusting'

(Newser) - First the NRA repurposed Little Red Riding Hood ; now it's reloading Hansel and Gretel . The gun lobby group's fairy tales-with-firearms series, penned by Amelia Hamilton and appearing on the NRA Family site , aims to place traditional tales in a new "utopia filled with empowered and unharmed children,... More »

Grimms' Original Fairy Tales Were the Stuff of Nightmares

In new translation of Grimm tales, Snow White's own mom wants to kill her

(Newser) - Forget an evil stepmother: The woman jealous of 7-year-old Snow White's beauty was her biological mother, and she flat out wanted her kid dead. At least that's how the Brothers Grimm tell it in the first edition of their fairy tales; that December 1812 version has just been... More »

How a Computer Solved the Mystery of Red Riding Hood's Origin

Study suggests the tale is as European as Schnitzel after all

(Newser) - You probably know that the Brothers Grimm wrote "Little Red Riding Hood," or at least, were the ones who made the version of the tale you're familiar with famous. But the folktale's origins actually stretch into the distant and murky past, before the Grimm boys were... More »

The Strange Tale of the Brothers Grimm

200th anniversary of famous book has people looking at odd brothers

(Newser) - Today is the 200th anniversary of the first publication of Grimm's Fairy Tales—but while most people know many of those European folk tales, far fewer know about the odd German brothers, Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm and Wilhelm Carl Grimm, who compiled them. The brothers were born into wealth,... More »

Doctors' Required Reading: Fairy Tales

The Brothers Grimm have some insights to share

(Newser) - Doctors can memorize stack upon stack of clinical textbooks, but they should keep at least a few fairy tales on hand. Valerie Gribben—a medical student and author of The Fairytale Trilogy—says that in her work, she draws just as much from the Brothers Grimm as she does Gray'... More »

5 Stories