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WikiLeaks' Stratfor Dump Is Paranoid, Dangerous

Julian Assange doesn't seem to get private intelligence, Dan Murphy argues

(Newser) - If Julian Assange thinks the Stratfor documents he released today are WikiLeaks' next blockbuster, he's dead wrong, writes Dan Murphy of the Christian Science Monitor . WikiLeaks' statement—which hints darkly at the private intelligence firm's corporate clients, "web of informers," "pay-off structure," and "... More »

Hacker Group Hints at 'Explosive' Releases

Claims Anonymous will release biggest info dump in four years

(Newser) - Hacker collective Anonymous claims that it will release "literally explosive" information this week, most likely obtained from intelligence contractors. The claim was made on a Twitter account reportedly run by an Anonymous leader who helped found the recently disbanded LulzSec group, Raw Story reports. More »

2 Stories