Sir Paul Stephenson

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Exiting Cop Turns On Prime Minister in Tab Scandal

Chief Paul Stephenson hints he was protecting David Cameron

(Newser) - The flames of the News of the World scandal are lapping at Prime Minister David Cameron's heels after a top cop zinged him for his relationship with a Rupert Murdoch henchman. Scotland Yard's Metropolitan Police Chief Sir Paul Stephenson resigned amid questions about the force's relationship with... More »

Britain's Top Cop Resigns Over News Corp Scandal

But insists he had no knowledge of it

(Newser) - Sir Paul Stephenson has resigned his post as commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police, thanks to the “ongoing speculation and accusations” swirling around the department in the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Stephenson, the most senior police officer in Britain, has taken heat for hiring ex-NoTW executive... More »

Tabloid Hacker Worked for Scotland Yard

Tabloid's former editor paid $1,500 a day as 'consultant'

(Newser) - The creepily cozy relationship between some Brit cops and News of the World reporters is emerging with word that Scotland Yard paid a suspected phone hacker $1,500 a day in consultant fees. "This stinks to high heaven," said one aghast politician. Neil Wallis, former executive editor of... More »

3 Stories