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Study: Women Don't Really Care About Guys' Penis Size

Out of 8 characteristics, penis length, girth matter little to most women

(Newser) - In a study ostensibly about whether women care if penises have been surgically repaired to treat distal hypospadias (when the urethra's opening is on the underside of the penis), scientists learned which characteristics of male genitalia matter most to a woman. Reporting in the Journal of Sexual Medicine under... More »

Teen Has Surgery to Reduce Size of Penis

It had become deformed and enlarged thanks to a medical condition

(Newser) - Yes, a Florida teenager has undergone what surgeons believe to be the first procedure to reduce the size of a penis, reports Medical Daily . But the 7-inch penis in question had a circumference of 10 inches prior to the surgery—due to a medical condition, not nature—and drew comparisons... More »

Chubby Checker Sues HP Over Penis Size App

It would be difficult for this story to get any weirder

(Newser) - Somehow "Chubby Checker," "Hewlett-Packard," and "penis size" have all ended up in the same story. It seems there was once an app for HP's Palm OS platform called " The Chubby Checker ," but it had nothing to do with the singer. Rather, it... More »

Man With World's Biggest Penis Gets TSA Patdown

Jonah Falcon's 9-incher leaves TSA agents befuddled

(Newser) - Jonah Falcon is used to delays at airport security. After all, he has the world's largest penis—9 inches flaccid and 13.5 inches at full staff. So his frisking at San Francisco International Airport last week was hardly a surprise, the Huffington Post reports. "One of the... More »

Taxpayers Fund Study on Gay Men's Penis Size

To some, the results are less shocking than the study itself

(Newser) - Who's more preoccupied with the penis size of gay men: other gay men or the government? The National Institutes of Health recently conducted a study to find out how penis size affects the sexual health of gay men, reports the Daily Caller . Among the findings: Those who felt they... More »

5 Stories