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Airline Exec Emails Pic of 'Drunk' Worker to Everyone

Message supposedly meant to be a learning moment for Qatar Airways staff

(Newser) - In Qatar, it's illegal for the locals to consume alcohol , though expats can imbibe responsibly in licensed restaurants and bars or with a permit. Even worse, though, is if you allow yourself to become publicly intoxicated—and a Qatar Airways exec decided that when one of the company's... More »

Photo of the Year: A Quiet, Tender Embrace

Mads Nissen took the image of gay Russian couple Alex and Jon

(Newser) - An image that captures "a modern-day Romeo and Juliet story" has been named the World Press Photo of the Year 2014. Danish photographer Mads Nissen took the photo of gay couple Jon and Alex while in St. Petersburg; it's part of his "Homophobia in Russia" project, reports... More »

Wildfire Makes for Amazing Wedding Photo

It shortened the ceremony, but newlyweds don't mind now

(Newser) - A wildfire that disrupted an Oregon couple's wedding also gave them the photograph of a lifetime. As the Oregonian reports, a fire truck rolled up at Rock Spring Ranch near Bend with sirens blaring Saturday, and firefighters ordered the wedding party to evacuate. The minister conducted an abbreviated ceremony.... More »

Navy Vet Famous for WWII Kiss Photo Dead at 86

Glenn McDuffie is thought to be the sailor in Times Square

(Newser) - The Navy sailor believed to have stolen what might be the famous kiss in US history is dead at age 86, reports NBC News . Glenn McDuffie is credited with being the vet smooching a nurse in Times Square on Aug. 14, 1945, to mark the end of World War II.... More »

Take Lots of Photos? You May Remember Less

But zooming in may boost your memory: study

(Newser) - If you're busy snapping photos of an experience, you may not remember it well. So suggests a new study , which compared groups of museum tourists, one with cameras, the other without, the Guardian reports. Scientists found that those who took pictures of "each object as a whole" recalled... More »

Gettysburg Photo Now Has 2 Would-Be Lincolns

Amateur historians differ on which one is the real Abe

(Newser) - A fascinating photo debate is underway regarding Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg, reports USA Today . An amateur historian thinks he's spotted Lincoln in a photo by Alexander Gardner. The controversy? A different amateur historian identified another figure as Lincoln in the same photo six years ago. The two would-be Lincolns... More »

Facebook Group Rallies for Cop Who Leaked Tsarnaev Pics

Petition urges officials to let Sean Murphy keep working

(Newser) - A Massachusetts police officer's leak of gruesome Dzhokhar Tsarnaev photos got him suspended, with hearings—possibly this week—set to determine his future. Now, supporters are gathering on Facebook to urge authorities to let Sean Murphy keep his job, the Los Angeles Times reports. "He did what I... More »

Muslims Slam Iran Prez for Touching Chavez's Mom

Photoshopped version of image sparks online debate

(Newser) - So much for comforting the grief-stricken: A photo of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad consoling the mother of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has sparked political controversy in Iran, the BBC reports. Conservatives, already irate over the president's eulogy for Chavez, said he had committed a sin by touching the... More »

The Awful Tale Behind the 2012 'Photo of the Year'

The photograph shows Palestinians grieving over dead children

(Newser) - The winner of the World Press Photo's annual award tells a harrowing story. Paul Hansen's photograph shows Palestinian men grieving last year as they carry the corpses of two children killed in fighting between Israeli forces and Hamas, reports the Washington Post . Now, the Human Rights Watch reports... More »

For Sale: Rare Color Pics of Beatles in '64

65 slides from first US tour set for the auction block

(Newser) - Unpublished early color photographs of the Beatles' first US tour will be sold at a UK auction. The photos were taken during the band's 1964 visit to the US, when color film was expensive and most images of the group were in black and white. The collection of 65... More »

Rare Princess Diana Photo Up for Auction

It was taken before she was a princess

(Newser) - An interesting photo of a teenaged Diana Spencer, taken years before she became a princess, goes up for auction later this month, reports the Huffington Post . It shows Diana, probably around age 18, relaxing in a ski chalet with a friend named Adam Russell, reports NBC News with help from... More »

Mount Everest, in 3.8B Stunning Pixels

David Breashears compiled image from some 400 photographs

(Newser) - The Internet has gone wild over a photo this week, and deservedly so. The image in question: a shot of Mount Everest composed of some 400 individual photographs taken by filmmaker/five-time Everest climber David Breashears. He spoke with NPR about the image, which the Washington Post reports clocks in at... More »

Post Photog: I Was Too Far Away to Help Guy in Subway

R. Umar Abbasi says critics 'have no idea how very quickly it happened'

(Newser) - The freelance photographer who snapped the New York Post's much-maligned front-page picture of Ki Suk Han seconds before he was killed by a subway train is stepping up his defense against "armchair critics" who say he should have been helping rather than shooting. In a rambling piece in... More »

This Was Sexual Assault

Blogger slams classic 'Life' magazine photo

(Newser) - The iconic kiss that symbolized America's victory in World War II? It was nothing less than sexual assault, according to a British blogger who notes that Greta Zimmer Friedman—the kissee in the classic Life photo—was grabbed and kissed against her will, reports the Daily Mail . "If... More »

2nd Known Photo of Emily Dickinson Surfaces

1859 daguerreotype believed to show the poet with her widowed friend

(Newser) - If you're a lover of poetry, history, and mystery, listen up: Amherst College believes a photo that first surfaced in 2007 is indeed one of Emily Dickinson—making it just the second known image of the poet in existence, reports the Guardian . The previously verified photo is one of... More »

Instagram User Defends Photo of Injured NYC Victim

Critics didn't like his joke-y caption

(Newser) - One of the more widely used images from today's shooting spree near the Empire State Building shows a wounded man on the street being being tended to by a woman. Turns out it was shot by local photographer Muhammad Malik, who immediately uploaded it to Instagram with this not-so-sensitive... More »

'Insane Coincidence' Confirmed on Mars

Curiosity did snap photo of its own ride

(Newser) - Yep, the "insane coincidence" on Mars really happened. Moments after landing on Sunday, the Curiosity rover snapped a photo of its own ride crashing on the Martian landscape, the Los Angeles Times reports. The blink-and-it's-gone lucky shot was confirmed by a member of Curiosity's scientific team in... More »

Pals Re-Create Same Photo for Decades

Pose every five years at California's Copco Lake

(Newser) - In 1982, five young men posed for a photo at a California lake. Little did they know then that they'd be doing the same thing every five years for the rest of their lives. They've just marked the 30th anniversary of the tradition, and the series of photos... More »

Anderson Cooper to Fan: B****, What Are You Doing?

iPhone snap prompts some colorful language

(Newser) - Anderson Cooper had some choice words for a fan who tried to snap some iPhone photos of him during a 6am plane flight yesterday. "I grabbed the guy on the shoulder and I said something to the effect of, 'Bitch, what the f*** are you doing?" he told... More »

Civil War Photos: Help Museum Solve Old Mystery

Museum of the Confederacy seeks public's help in identifying photos

(Newser) - The names of the two little girls are an enduring mystery, their images found among crumpled bodies on Civil War battlefields. Each is posed primly on chairs, ringlets cascading past the rouged cheeks of one, the other dressed in a frilly hoop dress. But no one knows their identities of... More »

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