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His Blood-Stained Boat Was Found. But He Wasn't Dead

Richard Ohrn faked his disappearance last March: cops

(Newser) - When police officers boarded a rented fishing boat adrift off Florida's Boynton Beach on March 31 of last year, they probably feared the worst. There was "what appeared to be smeared blood in various locations on the boat," which had been rented by banker Richard Ohrn, along... More »

Man 'Cremated' Years Ago Just Arrested in NC

Jose Salvador Lantigua slipped up on passport application

(Newser) - A Florida businessman who authorities say faked his own death to dodge debts while reaping millions in life insurance benefits is sitting in a North Carolina jail, and a passport application reportedly proved his undoing. Jose Salvador Lantigua—wearing a "poorly dyed beard" and a brown toupee—was arrested... More »

New Mayor in Mexico Officially Died 3 Years Ago

Allegedly faked death to avoid gang rape charges

(Newser) - A zombie mayor would make for one hell of a headline (not to mention a movie), but the newly elected leader of a small town in Mexico isn't dead in real life—just on paper. According to Mexican newspaper Reforma, Lenin Carballido faked his own death in 2010 due... More »

Man Arrested for Faking His Own Drowning

Son says he was coerced into Raymond Roth's plot

(Newser) - After 10 days in a psychiatric ward, a New York state man has been arrested for allegedly faking his own death—by pretending to drown near Long Island. Raymond Roth faces insurance fraud charges following the incident, in which his son reported he'd disappeared off Jones Beach (leading to... More »

Woman Fakes Own Kid's Death for Vacation Time

But Joan Barnett is done in by a shoddy fake death certificate

(Newser) - Today's lesson in stupid schemes: If you're going to scam your boss for vacation time with your kid's fake death certificate, at least make sure the fonts match. It seems one Joan Barnett, a parent coordinator at a Manhattan school who, it's worth noting, was eligible... More »

'Dead' Broker Found Working as Vegas Bookie

Arthur Jones nabbed after 32 years with fake social security number

(Newser) - A Chicago commodities broker who disappeared in 1979 and was declared legally dead in 1987 has been found alive in Las Vegas, working as a bookie, reports the Los Angeles Times . Fleeing gambling debts, Arthur Gerald Jones bounced around the country before relocating to Vegas in the mid-1980s, using the... More »

6 Stories