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Obama Tells Christians to Get Off 'High Horse'

Critics rail president's statements about slavery, Crusades at prayer breakfast

(Newser) - It's not terribly surprising that President Obama brought up Jesus Christ during yesterday's National Prayer Breakfast in DC—but for some, it's an outrage how he brought up the son of God. During his speech, Obama recognized the challenges faced by the global community in dealing with... More »

Turin Shroud One of 40 Fakes: Historian

Antonio Lombatti: false shrouds got around in Middle Ages

(Newser) - The Shroud of Turin is not only fake, it's one of 40 false shrouds that circulated during Medieval times, according to an Italian expert. Citing the work of a 19th-century French historian, Antonio Lombatti claims that burial cloths were fairly common in the old Christian world, the Daily Mail... More »

Knights Templar Model for New Violence: Breivik

Knights inspired new bloodbath

(Newser) - The famed crusading Knights Templar may historically have been the victims of kings and the Vatican, but they're now being held up as inspiration in present-day "crusades" against Muslims, according to Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik. He claims members of a secretive "Knights Templar" organization in... More »

3 Stories