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Dreams of Murder Reveal Your True Nature

People who kill in dreams are more hostile, introverted: contested study

(Newser) - If you dream of wringing someone's neck to the point of murder, researchers say you're more likely to be aggressive, hostile, and introverted while awake. Experts at Germany's Central Institute of Mental Health studied 443 university students' character traits as well as their dreams based on questionnaires.... More »

Introverts, Avoid Coffee Before Big Meetings

It might do way more harm than good, says author

(Newser) - Introverts preparing for a big meeting might think that coffee beforehand will give them a needed jolt in performance. In fact, the opposite may be true, reports New York mag. The insight comes from a newly released book by psychologist Brian Little, who writes in Me, Myself, and Us that... More »

Personalities Most Stable in Our 40s, 50s

But stability starts declining again after that

(Newser) - There's no doubt about it: The human body goes through major changes in youth and old age. And these biological and social changes may be the reasons behind what researchers are calling less stable personalities at those life stages. In fact, according to a study of almost 4,000... More »

Rejoice, Introverts: This Is Your Age

Technology makes it easy to disengage: Philip Bump

(Newser) - Philip Bump has a happy message for his fellow introverts in the Atlantic : Technology has made this a "Golden Age" for you. Sure, email, texts, social networks, etc., might seemingly make it impossible to disengage, but it actually "has become easier than ever to carve out time for... More »

4 Stories