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LulzSec Leader's Downfall? Xbox

Fellow gamer apparently revealed identity of Topiary

(Newser) - So how did UK authorities manage to track down and arrest the secretive LulzSec leader known as Topiary last month? It might have been a fellow Xbox gamer who ratted on him, according to Adrian Chen at Gawker . It seems Topiary—who was revealed to be 18-year-old Jake Davis from... More »

LulzSec Arrest: Did Scotland Yard Get Tricked?

Reports suggests the real Topiary is still at large

(Newser) - Scotland Yard says it has arrested a key member of LulzSec named Topiary, but new reports suggest that the hacker group tricked authorities into arresting an innocent man. According to this theory, Topiary assumed the guy's online identity a while back in a bid to throw off police, reports... More »

2 Stories