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Pet Lynx Mauls Woman Feeding It

Woman was taking care of several exotic cats for Atlanta owner

(Newser) - A pet Siberian lynx attacked a woman who was feeding it in an affluent Atlanta neighborhood yesterday, landing her in the hospital with injuries to her head, police said. The owners of the animal were out of town and made arrangements with the woman to care for their exotic pet.... More »

Big Cat Sighted Near Paris

The town of Montevrain is on high alert after multiple sightings

(Newser) - A woman leaving her husband's grocery market in Montevrain just east of Paris saw what she believed to be a lynx, took a photo of what indeed appears to be a large feline, and called her husband from the confines of her car. Residents were told to stay indoors,... More »

Teens Busted for Spraying Burka on Busty Angel

Lynx ad is a 'sin,' argue London pair

(Newser) - Two Muslim teenagers have been busted for spraying black burkas on images of hot women in ads. They told a judge in their recent London court appearance that it's a "sin" for women to dress provocatively, and that they were "just trying to do good," reports... More »

3 Stories