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Aruba Detains Suspect 60 More Days in Missing Woman Case

Gary Giordano will likely face charges

(Newser) - Gary Giordano, the man suspected by Aruban authorities in Robyn Gardner’s disappearance and apparent death, will be staying on the island another 60 days. He was ordered held yesterday as prosecutors prepare to file charges and ultimately try Giordano, who was listed as the “beneficiary in case of... More »

Witness: Woman Missing in Aruba Didn't Go Snorkeling

Authorities uncover more inconsistencies in Gary Giordano's story

(Newser) - Aruba authorities continue to uncover inconsistencies in Gary Giordano’s story: Now, a new witness claims Giordano and missing woman Robyn Gardner never actually went snorkeling. While fishing, the witness saw the couple walking along the reef around 4pm without entering the water. He later watched them drive away, and... More »

Aruba Suspect Tried to Redeem Insurance Policy

Gary Giordano tried to redeem accidental death policy on Robyn Gardner

(Newser) - Just two days after telling Aruba police that his traveling companion Robyn Gardner was missing, Gary Giordano tried to collect on the accidental death provision in the $1.5 million travel insurance policy he’d taken out for the trip, a source tells the AP . Giordano has since been detained... More »

No One Saw Woman Missing in Aruba Go Snorkeling

Gary Giordano, man being held, is 'scary,' say ex-girlfriends, wife

(Newser) - Robyn Gardner, the 35-year-old woman who went missing in Aruba last week, has tattoos covering her shoulder and one over her ribcage that translates to, "If I can't move the earth then I'll raise hell." But Gardner was actually a quiet, trusting woman who enjoyed taking... More »

4 Stories