British spies

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Top Spy: Women Make 'Bloody Good' Agents

British officer opens door to would-be female spies

(Newser) - A British intelligence officer tells the Times of London that women make "bloody good spies" because they are fine multi-taskers who excel at "tapping into different emotional resources." As part of a Secret Intelligence Service recruitment campaign, the top spy dismissed the notion that female agents are... More »

Daring French WWII Spy Dead at 88

Robert de La Rochefoucauld known for wartime exploits

(Newser) - A sort of real-life 007, one of the last living members of Winston Churchill's clandestine World War II SOE unit, has died at age 88. Robert de La Rochefoucauld died May 8, but his death proved to be just as secretive as some of his exploits, the New York ... More »

UK Spies Plotted to Feed Hitler Estrogen

They hoped an Adolf 'herr' to 'her' transformation might curb violence

(Newser) - In one of the British forces' wackier schemes to rid the world of Adolph Hitler's violence, secret agents plotted to slip estrogen in the fuhrer's food in a bid to tame his aggression, according to a new book. The estrogen would be tasteless and the transformation gradual as... More »

3 Stories