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North Korea: We'll Have a Bigger 'Gift' for US Soon

Kim Jong Un promises more advanced weapons are on their way

(Newser) - North Korea's latest missile launch into Japanese-claimed waters was carried out under Kim Jong Un's watchful eye, per the country's state news agency, and the leader has promised an even larger "gift" for the US is forthcoming. In what Reuters refers to as an "unprecedented... More »

Seoul: N. Korea Fired 2 Scuds

Latest short-range missile tests

(Newser) - North Korea fired two short-range Scud missiles into its eastern waters today, a South Korean official said, in an apparent test just days after the country tested what it called new precision-guided missiles. A South Korean military official said the missiles were fired from Wonsan and are presumed to be... More »

N. Korea Fires 2 More Missiles

Scuds fired into sea hundreds of miles off coast

(Newser) - North Korea has fired another two short-range missiles into the sea in what appears to be a show of displeasure at the US-South Korea war games continuing across the border, reports Reuters . The missiles—from the same Scud class as those North Korea fired a few days ago —were... More »

N. Korea Fires Missiles Amid South-US War Games

Believed to be short-range Scud missiles, launched into the sea

(Newser) - A North Korean ship slipping across the South's borders was apparently just the opening act. Days after South Korea began its war games with the US, North Korea has fired four, suspected short-range missiles from its southeastern coast toward the sea, a South Korean defense official said, per Yonhap... More »

Scuds? Why Syria May Be Using the Missiles

It could be a not-so-subtle warning about chemical weapons

(Newser) - The New York Times broke the news earlier today that Syria's Bashar al-Assad has fired Scud missiles at rebel positions in northern parts of the country. The White House sees it as a "serious escalation," and the Washington Post explains that Scuds are an odd choice: They'... More »

Gadhafi Readying a Bloody Last Stand

He reportedly fired a Scud missile at the rebels

(Newser) - Yet another minister defected . Rebels are just 30 miles from Tripoli. The curtain is falling on Moammar Gadhafi, reports the Telegraph , and the Libyan strongman seems to be prepping for a violent—and "final"—last stand. The paper's proof? Officials tell the Telegraph that a US destroyer... More »

6 Stories