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Officials: ISIS Working Hard to Get Chemical Weapons

'The macabre imagination of the masterminds is limitless': French PM

(Newser) - French PM Manuel Valls issued a new warning in front of the lower house of France's Parliament Thursday, nearly a week after the Paris terror attacks . "Terrorism hit France not because of what it is doing in Iraq and Syria … but for what it is. We know... More »

Chemical Weapons Found in Iraq Were Kept Secret

NYT : Troops who served in Iraq allege serious injuries, incompetence

(Newser) - US troops headed into Iraq more than a decade ago to hunt down weapons of mass destruction, but they found something else instead: massive numbers of chemical weapons, which injured soldiers and prompted a possible Pentagon cover-up, the New York Times reports. In a stunning narrative based on interviews and... More »

Plot to Release Poison Gas via Toy Planes Foiled

Five arrested after workshops, toys uncovered in Iraq

(Newser) - Iraqi authorities say they have arrested five men who were manufacturing sarin and mustard gas, which they planned to release via remote-controlled toy planes, reports the BBC . They also planned to smuggle the chemicals into Europe and North America and strike targets there. The men confessed to the plot, and... More »

Gadhafi Giving Out Chemical Weapons Suits, Gas Masks

Sparks renewed fears he'll use mustard gas

(Newser) - As Moammar Gadhafi appears to be entering his endgame, fears are increasing that the Libyan strongman might use chemical weapons against his own people. The Pentagon and other officials say Gadhafi’s remaining mustard gas, more than 11 tons, has been secured. But Libyan rebels are concerned because gas masks... More »

Allies Fear Gadhafi May Unleash Chemical Weapons

US forces monitoring sites

(Newser) - As the battle for Libya nears its endgame , Western nations allied with the rebels fear a desperate Moammar Gadhafi could unleash chemical weapons as his final brutal act. US armed forces are monitoring suspected chemical weapons sites. "They are a vicious regime,” British Foreign Minister William Hague told... More »

5 Stories