World War Z

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Monsters U Schools World War Z

But both combine for the year's No. 2 biggest weekend

(Newser) - Monsters University hit the front of the class this weekend, taking in $82 million, but Brad Pitt's zombie thriller World War Z snagged a healthy $66 million as the two combined for the second biggest weekend of the year. It was also one of the top 10 weekends on... More »

World War Z Has Some Saying 'Zzzzzz'

Brad Pitt stars in zombie-fighting flick

(Newser) - For all the fanfare surrounding it, World War Z is a fair-to-middling zombie movie, critics say. Brad Pitt stars as a former UN investigator who takes to the skies to fight the undead menace. From the reviews:
  • The movie "does not try to extend the boundaries of commercial entertainment
... More »

Detroit's Salvation: Zombie Theme Park?

Post-apocalyptic theme park could bring tourism

(Newser) - You probably won't see this in any Chrysler commercials. Instead of tearing down some of Detroit's sketchier neighborhoods, a local entrepreneur thinks he can rejuvenate the city by turning it over to zombies. "I thought, 'What do we have around here?' A lot of abandoned buildings,... More »

Glasgow All the Rage After Brad Pitt Stay

Zombie flick helps Glasgow edge out Edinburgh for top Scottish destination

(Newser) - What happens in Glasgow stays in Glasgow—except when Brad Pitt comes to town to film a potential zombie blockbuster, and the city transforms into Scotland's top destination spot so far this year. Calling it the "Brad Pitt effect," the Daily Mail notes that Scotland's No.... More »

Brad Pitt Saves Woman's Life

Extra was nearly trampled during filming of 'World War Z'

(Newser) - The celebrity hero club just got a new member: The Scottish Sun reports that Brad Pitt saved a woman from being trampled by zombies on Wednesday. Seriously. The rescue happened on the set of World War Z, during a scene in which some 700 extras jammed themselves into Glasgow's... More »

5 Stories