Onyango Obama

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Turns Out, Obama Met His Uncle After All

In fact, he lived with him in Cambridge, says White House in correcting the record

(Newser) - Whoops. The White House had to make a strange about-face today and acknowledge that President Obama has, in fact, met his Uncle Omar . Not only that, but the younger Obama actually lived with his uncle for a few weeks in Cambridge in the 1980s, reports the Boston Globe . The tidbit... More »

Obama's 'Drunken Uncle' Staying in US

Onyango Obama gets green card

(Newser) - Onyango Obama, or as some in the GOP like to call him, President Obama's "drunken uncle," is staying in the States. A US immigration judge ruled yesterday that the elder Obama, who dodged deportation for decades and was arrested in 2011 for drunk driving, can remain in... More »

Obama's Uncle Arrives at Court, Giggling

Onyango Obama apparently tickled by media attention

(Newser) - President Obama’s half-uncle was in court today on drunk-driving charges —and he seemed to find the media's attention rather funny, notes the Boston Herald , which describes him as giggling and "stifling laughter" a number of times. Accompanied by attorneys and an unidentified man, Onyango Obama made... More »

GOP Rep: Get Obama's 'Drunken Uncle' Down Here

Steve King thinks there's a double standard here

(Newser) - Rep. Steve King thinks President Obama's latest family embarrassment, the boozing Onyango Obama, is getting preferential treatment in his drunk-driving case, so the Iowa Republican wants to give him a little more special attention—in the way of a House hearing. "We have to bring drunken 'Uncle... More »

Obama's Uncle Out of Jail

But no one's giving any details on what happened to Oyango Obama

(Newser) - President Obams’s uncle, Oyango Obama, is out of jail, but authorities are being awfully coy about the details. Officials won’t say if the 67-year-old posted bond, or if they’re keeping tabs on him, or even if they’re still trying to deport him, the Boston Globe reports.... More »

Illegal Obama Uncle Had SSN, License

Obama Onyango had valid Social Security number for 19 years

(Newser) - The headline birthers dream of—"Illegal Kenyan Immigrant Obama Busted"—has become reality with the arrest of a relative of President Obama's in Massachusetts. Obama Onyango, a half-brother of Obama's father, was charged last week with drunk driving after nearly slamming his SUV into a police... More »

6 Stories