Medicare Fraud Task Force

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Feds: Couple Ran $45M Medicare Scam, Had an Indentured Servant

They had a fleet of luxury SUVs but paid their nanny $66 a day, threatened her

(Newser) - File under Appearances Can Be Deceiving: A Chicago-area couple whose 5,000-square-foot home came complete with a bevvy of luxury SUVs built their empire "on a lie," reports the Chicago Tribune . Richard and Maribel Tinimbang, 38 and 40, are being charged with various counts of conspiracy, paying kickbacks,... More »

Anti-Fraud Record: Per Dollar Spent, $8 Recovered

HSS boasts recovering $4.2B last year in health-care fraud effort

(Newser) - And the health-care fraud records just keep coming : The government last year recovered a record $4.2 billion that was stolen or illegally obtained from federal health-care programs, reports USA Today . That brings the since-2010 equation to this: $7.90 has been recouped via fines and legal judgments for each... More »

Medicare Fraud Task Force Makes Biggest Bust Ever

107 charged in scheme, whose fake claims allegedly totaled $452M

(Newser) - The Justice Department's special Medicare fraud strike team made its biggest bust ever yesterday, charging 107 doctors, nurses, and other alleged fraudsters in a "nationwide takedown" affecting seven cities. All told, they're accused of bilking the government out of $452 million, the Los Angeles Times reports. Among... More »

Dummy Firms Squeeze Millions From Medicare

Fraud-fighters finding it hard to stay ahead of shell companies

(Newser) - Fraudsters using complicated networks of ghost companies are sucking hundreds of millions of dollars out of Medicare every year and it's a bit like taking candy from a baby, a Reuters investigation finds. The probe—which officials say will likely lead to a criminal investigation of the firms involved—... More »

White House: We've Recovered $5.6B in Fraud

Cabinet secretaries to meet on wasteful spending

(Newser) - The Justice Department has managed to recover some $5.6 billion lost to fraud over the 2011 fiscal year, officials will announce today. Civil fraud accounted for some $3.4 billion, with the rest attributable to criminal fraud, insiders tell the Washington Post . Much of the money was recovered by... More »

Feds Nab 91 in $295M Medicare Fraud Sting

Accused 'treated' dead people, ran Florida housing scheme

(Newser) - The Obama administration notched yet another win for its Medicare fraud team yesterday, as the Justice Department announced the arrests of 91 fraudsters from across the country, accused of bilking Uncle Sam for a combined $295 million. “The defendants allegedly treated the Medicare program like a personal piggy bank,... More »

Feds Catching 85% More Health Care Fraudsters

This is shaping up to be a banner year

(Newser) - Health care fraud prosecutions have shot up this year, thanks to an Obama administration crackdown, according to new figures from a Syracuse University research team. Already the feds have prosecuted 903 people for fraud this year, which is 24% more than they nabbed in the entirety of 2010, and puts... More »

Feds Nail Biggest-Ever Medicare Scam

More than 100 arrested in fraud sting

(Newser) - Federal agents swooped on health care facilities in nine states yesterday, arresting doctors, nurses, therapists, and health care executives accused of carrying out the biggest Medicare fraud ever seen. More than 100 people were involved in the scam, which bilked taxpayers out of up to $200 million by billing for... More »

8 Stories