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Unlikely Presence in Court: the Racy 'Urban Dictionary'

Site launched as a joke cited in dozens of cases

(Newser) - Your average court may not be able to define "nut" as a verb; it may struggle to figure out why a pair of thieves called themselves "jack boys." That's where the Urban Dictionary comes in. In the former case, its definition of "to nut"—... More »

Feds Use Urban Dictionary to Press 'Murk' Charges

Facebook poster accused of making threat online

(Newser) - An Indiana man who threatened to "murk' the manager of a gun shop is in hot water thanks to UrbanDictionary.com . After the 27-year-old posted the threat on Facebook, ATF agents consulted the online slang guide and found that it means to beat someone to death, reports the Smoking... More »

2 Stories