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Contagion: It's Not Just Fiction

Premise 'will almost certainly occur,' writes Dr. Larry Madoff

(Newser) - Bad news for those of you, who after seeing Contagion , reminded yourself comfortingly, “It was only a movie:" According to one epidemiologist, the frightening premise put forth in the film “will almost certainly occur.” The plot deals with a virus breaking out of its niche and... More »

Bizarre Contagion Sign Made of Bacteria

From Petri dish to advertisement

(Newser) - The producers of the sick new thriller Contagion came up with a creepy way to promote their product. Warner Bros. Pictures Canada hired microbiologists to culture bacteria on two signs that grew to spell out the name of the movie in a most disgusting way, reports Adweek . Scientists inoculated two... More »

2 Stories