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Syria Disposing of Thousands of Bodies in Crematorium: US

Assad regime said to have built facility at Sednaya military prison

(Newser) - A Syrian military prison that Amnesty International last year called a "human slaughterhouse" is reported to be executing upward of 50 prisoners daily, and now a US State Department official says President Bashar al-Assad's regime has built and is using a secret crematorium to dispose of the bodies,... More »

Bad Economy Boosts Cremations Over Burials

They're getting even more popular, with families citing savings

(Newser) - The dismal state of the economy has prompted more Americans to choose cremation over traditional burial services to save money, reports the New York Times . Cremations have been steadily rising in popularity since 1985 (41% now vs. 15% then) but the spike has been more pronounced in the last decade.... More »

Bodies Stack Up in Japan's 'Corpse Hotels'

Bodies have to wait their turn at over-worked crematoriums

(Newser) - Space in Japan is so tight and facilities so crunched that there are even waiting lines for corpses. But they can cool their heels in bizarre new "corpse hotels," where families can visit them until the bodies are turned to ash in overbooked crematoriums, reports Reuters . The death... More »

3 Stories